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Winning English Academy IELTS course
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Our expert instructors will enhance your English skills while providing immersive test practice and teaching effective strategies for each essential macro skill. Our curriculum includes IELTS official materials that are tailored to your skill level and aligned with IELTS standards. Introducing our standout courses: Pre-IELTS and IELTS Intensive. These thoughtfully designed courses focus on enhancing your strengths while addressing any weaknesses, ensuring a comprehensive and highly impactful learning journey.
Cambridge Authorized Materials "Cambridge English For Life"
Weekly Mock Tests for Your Success!
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Students who want to enhance their general English ability
Students who plan to take the IELTS exam in the future

This course is designed to empower students who seek to enhance their fundamental English skills while acquiring essential IELTS test strategies and some basic and e ective tips. It o ers a substantial boost to learners' understanding of the vocabulary and grammar usage.


Number of courses/hours per day 8 courses, 8 hours in total (including optional courses)
1:1 Courses 1 on 1: Pre-IELTS Reading, Pre-IELTS Listening, Pre-IELTS Speaking, Pre-IELTS Writing
Number of courses: 4 courses
Group Courses Pre-IELTS Vocabulary, Pre-IELTS Grammar
Number of courses: 2 courses
Optional Courses Course content: Interesting and practical themed courses to train the ability to use English flexibly. This course is free to attend.
Number of courses: 2 courses


Placement Test Hold on the first day
IELTS mock exam Every Thursday and Friday (Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing)
Campus City Campus
Start Date Courses start every Monday
Winning 分级系统
Winning教育体系皆采用以 CEFR 欧洲共同语文参考标准。 报名课程后,入学后会提供入学考,并按照学员的入学考程度做为参考标准, 安排对应程度的教材与适合程度的教师。循序渐进且有系统地学习,成效大大提升!
Level table_english (1)
时间 课程
07:00 ~ 08:00 早餐时间
08:00~08:50 第一堂课|1:1课程 / 团体课 / 空堂
09:00~09:50 第二堂课|1:1课程 / 团体课 / 空堂
10:00~10:50 第三堂课|1:1课程 / 团体课 / 空堂
11:00~11:50 第四堂课|1:1课程 / 团体课 / 空堂
11:50~12:50 午餐时间
13:00~13:50 第五堂课|1:1课程 / 团体课 / 选修课 / 空堂
14:00~14:50 第六堂课|1:1课程 / 团体课 / 选修课 / 空堂
15:00~15:50 第七堂课|1:1课程 / 团体课 / 选修课 / 空堂
16:00~16:50 第八堂课|1:1课程 / 团体课 / 选修课 / 空堂
17:00~17:50 第九堂课|1:1课程 / 团体课 / 选修课 / 空堂
18:00~18:50 晚餐时间
19:00~19:50 第十堂课|选修课
20:00~20:50 第十一堂课|选修课
21:00~21:50 第十二堂课|选修课