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<>The letter from I-fan, Taiwanese Student

Winning English is the best memories of this year. I met the warmest teachers and enjoyed studying there.
Finally, I received the transcript of 2nd edition of TOEIC test. It proves that two months is worthy!! I got score 755!!! I improve more than 200 points!!!

Thanks you so much Winning English. The reason I choose a small school is to focus on study and working on my target. When I told teachers that I want to score TOEIC more than 700, they took it very seriously and treat as a mission to achieve, too. It is good that teachers will communicate with me first, and then adjust the materials and ways of teaching. Even when I back to Taiwan, teachers send regards to me and care about my progress!! These teachers are like my family.

I have little regret that I didn’t enroll for 4 months. If I can, I think I can reach score 800 of TOEIC easily. I wish I can be there again!! Miss you guys winning family ~ Keep in touch and See you soon!! God bless you all!!

Winning English school 是我今年最美好的邂逅,我遇見最溫暖的老師群,同時也很享受讀英文的樂趣!


一開始就打算選小而美的學校,老師和學生的資源比例會比較充份,考量CP值及讀書的策略,Winning English school成了我的首選,當我去到這個學校,只需我心無旁騖的唸書,朝著自己的目標前進,當我跟老師說我想在多益上取得700分以上的成績,老師們把我的目標也當成他們必須完成的使命一樣陪著我,連我完成學習回到台灣,老師還持續關心我的進度、我的成績!由衷感謝WES招募了一群這麼好的老師,他們的陪伴及溝通教學內容與方式,讓人感到窩心、真心如同家人一樣!




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